Baby Girl Gift Box A
Baby Girl Gift Box A

Our smallest baby girl Cuddle Box is perfect for a new baby gift and a snip at just £25.00! This Cuddle Box contains three (3) gift items.

The items in this box include:

  • 1 pink soft touch teddy bear with white paws.
  • 1 pack of three pairs of pink and white patterned baby socks
  • 1 ‘silver’ look photo frame with pink writing

All of these gifts are wrapped in white tissue paper and lovingly packed into one of our sturdy, white Cuddle Boxes and tied closed with a white ribbon. Your personal message is on a small gift card inside the Cuddle Box. Your baby gift is hand delivered in the UK.

Please note: All our gifts are hand picked and may not always match the description given above. We reserve the right to substitute a gift with like for like baby gifts eg: there will be a slight change in sock pattern or teddy’s fur but the value and quality will not be compromised. We pack every Cuddle Box with equal amounts of love and attention!

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Baby Girl Gift Box C
Baby Girl Gift Box C

Our Little Princess Cuddle Box is all in pink for a baby girl! The Little Princess Cuddle Box contains five (5) gift items and is perfect for that new baby princess in the family!

In this Cuddle Box you’ll find five (5) items:

  • 1 super soft pink blanket with Princess motif
  • 1 pack of three pairs of baby socks in pink and white
  • 1 pair of super cute pink baby shoes
  • 1 ‘Princess’ photo frame in pink and white
  • 1 gorgeous soft pink baby teddy

All our gift boxes are packed with love and every item is hand picked with care and attention to quality and detail. In this way we ensure that you will be sending a Cuddle Box full of love and best wishes.

Please note that the photographs may not be identical to the items in your box as we do reserve the right to substitute items on a like for like basis if we are out of stock of a certain item eg: the photo frame may say ‘Princess’ instead or the slippers may be pink. We will notify you of any substitutions prior to delivery.

If you have any questions about your Cuddle Box please call us on the free phone number on the home page.

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