Create Your Own Cuddle Box!

Cuddle Box Gifts
Cuddle Boxes are keepsake boxes containing stunning gifts!

Create your own Cuddle Box by calling one of our Cuddlers on 0800 566 8560!

If you can’t find the perfect Cuddle Box in our shop, you can now make up one of your own. Our Cuddlers will help you decide which of our gorgeous selection of baby gifts you’d like to put into your special Cuddle Box.

If you’d like to add something precious like a silver baby spoon or a baby bracelet, baby mug or plate, we’d be happy to source it for you and add it to your bespoke Cuddle Box. We will discuss your requirements and budget to make sure that we deliver the perfect gift box.

If you’re not sure whether it’s a boy or a girl you can choose one of our Unisex Baby Gift Boxes or create one of your own by calling us and asking for Cuddle Box L! The great things about this is that you can spend as much as you want on your bespoke Cuddle Box and we’ll make sure it contains the items you have in mind without you having to lift a finger!

If you’d like a Cuddle Box for a teenager, mother, wife, father, husband, girl or boy – just ask us!

We’re looking forward to hand picking and packing your Cuddle Box this year!

Baby Girls Gift Box C
Cuddle Boxes for baby girls offer a wide variety of choice pink and white baby gifts!
Gift box for baby boys 4 £40
We love blue for baby boys! Choose from our wide range of baby gifts for boys or create your own Cuddle Box by calling one of our Cuddlers!

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    really lovely quality gifts making a wonderful, thoughtful greeting to the world

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