The Very Softest Baby Dressing Gowns

Baby dressing gowns in pink, blue and white
The fluffiest, pink, blue and white baby dressing gowns for babies!

Our beautiful baby dressing gowns are just too cute!

They have an adorable motif embroidered on to them. They come in three colours from the softest pink, coolest blue to the snowiest white. They are super soft to touch and snuggle up to.

Our dressing gowns are ideal for your baby to wear just before bed particularly for your babies last feed .

Moms tell us that babies also love to be wrapped up in the softness of our dressing gowns to keep warm after a lovely bath!

Our baby dressing gowns are just one item that can be found in our Cuddle Boxes. We also have gift boxes that contain baby shoes, baby booties, comforters with satin edges, baby vests, teddy bears, picture frames, wooden blocks and other gorgeous items to make baby feel really welcome!

They are made from 100% Polyester and are machine washable. All babies will love the softness and cuddliness of our baby dressing gowns. After all … everyone deserves a cuddle.

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