Fantastic Baby Shower Ideas For Mums in the UK

Are you a UK mum looking for baby shower ideas?

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baby shower ideasThe history of Baby Showers

Baby showers – like so many other events – have come to the UK via the US and have now become an accepted part of UK communities. Even Kate had a baby shower for friends and family in 2013 and we’re sure she will be hosting an even bigger one for little George’s new baby sister or brother this year!

Baby showers came into vogue in the 19th Century when Victorian women used to invite friends over for tea parties to welcome the new baby and lavish a bit of love on the mum to be. Umbrellas were a big part of any event in those days as women liked to protect their skin from the harsh climates and it stayed! Now an umbrella is symbolic of baby showers the world over!

What happens at Baby Showers

baby boy gift setsBaby showers have changed a lot since Victorian times with mums in the UK hosting themed baby showers over lunch or afternoon tea. Most showers are held at the mum to be’s home and much planning goes into them. Games are played and glasses of champers passed around along with the  tea! We’ve even attended on where the mum to be was entertained by a male stripper! (I kid you not)

It’s a good idea to theme the baby shower. The ideas for themes are easily found online with the simplest ones often being the best. Blue themes for baby boys and pink themes for baby girls are always popular but you could go for a teddy bear theme or an expectant mum theme too!

The idea behind a baby shower is that the expectant mum and friends and family gather to set up a hearty welcome for the newcomer in the family.

Games to Play at Baby Showers

Measure the mums tum

This is where each guest would cut a length of ribbon to indicate what they think the diameter of the mum to be’s tummy is at the end of her preganancy. Whoever is the closest to the real diameter wins a little present!

Baby Quiz

A bit like your favourite pub quiz but all about babies with questions like:

  • What is the name of Kate Middleton’s first child?
  • What is the gestation period of an elephant?

You’ll get the idea, just use Google! The point it, baby showers should be fun.

Baby Shower Food

Finger food is best. Little sandwiches, crudité and dips, little cakes and jellies, crisps and nuts. You’ll also need a baby cake! Popular baby cakes are in the shape of nappies, babies bums and even mum’s big tum! More traditional baby cakes are baby in the crib, baby bottle and the stork carrying baby in a nappy.There are a lot more baby shower ideas for cakes and food online!

Allow for non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. Toasting the baby’s arrival with a little sparking wine or champagne also goes down well!

Just enjoy it

If you’re planning your own baby shower just enjoy it. Go all out! Remember that soon your baby will be born and life will change a bit so having this celebration with friends and family is important.

If you’re planning a baby shower for a friend make sure you ask before planning to host it at her home and also think about how she’s feeling in her stage of pregnancy. Make if fun for her and remember to ensure that she gets the best seat in the house!

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