How Parents Can Help Babies Learn To Talk

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Grandparents,parents, aunties and uncles all help babies learn to talk.

Here at The Cuddle Box we try to understand how babies develop. A part of understanding babies development is to understand how our babies learn to talk.


Babies learn to talkBabies learn to communicate well without words before they learn to talk.

Babies learn to talk in the same way, what ever language the parents are speaking. Its only when they learn to speak the actual words and not babble that their language becomes different.

Babbling in a baby is the first step to learn to speak. Try to always give her a chance to answer you when you chat to her.



Interact with your child 

Remember that babies learn to talk from listening to you so talk to her everyday.

Interact with her whilst getting her dressed say things like:

 “should we wear this lovely dress today?”

“It’s cold outside lets pop your coat on”

Allow her to respond with a babble and form a conversation with her. Agree with her making sure she knows she is understood.

Remember she will probably have lots to say so always give her time to chat and respond to your conversation.

Keep it simple

From about 6 months onward your baby will start to follow you and look towards things you are pointing at. When you see that she is starting to follow your gaze, describe what you are looking at. Include some descriptive words but keep it simple.

“Look at that beautiful doll, she is wearing her favorite pink dress”

Repeat the words and associate it with objects like car, bus, doll, teddy bear, dog, cat, tree etc.

Remember when your baby starts talking it will be small words and not whole sentences. They can also get frustrated when they are trying to describe what they want and can’t explain it clearly. Try to tune into the way they are communicating and repeat the sentence in a clear voice reconfirming you understood what they were trying to say.

Repeat, repeat, repeat

Ask questions like “What would you like to eat?” “Would you like a banana or an apple?” giving her choices.

This will help her understand the structure of sentences. Remember to use simple words and repeat, repeat, repeat as this is the best way to help babies learn to talk.

Remember to read to your baby

Try to read to your baby during the day and just before bed.

Start with big picture books that have things she can touch and let her help turn the pages. Use your finger to underline each word and point to the pictures when you read a word associated with it.

Your baby will start to learn the words and will love to try to say them out aloud. So always encourage her.

Are dummies preventing your baby from learning to speak clearly

Dummies are good pacifiers and may soothe your baby or help her settle when she is going to bed.

When you are trying to help her with her speech you will need to encourage her to take her dummy out. When she removes her dummy and repeats the words praise her.

Remember removing her dummy when she is chatting to you will help make her speech more audible and rounded.

I am concerned my baby is not interacting

If you are concerned that your baby is still not speaking or babbling then talk to your doctor or health visitor. They will be able to check your babies hearing and refer her to a speech and hearing specialist if required.

Remember quiet babies are usually happy babies.

Sing songs and have fun

Sing nursery rhymes with your baby. Remember most nursery rhymes use the method of repeat, repeat, repeat. Your baby will love the interaction with you and the movements associated with the nursery rhyme.

Just play with your baby, chat to your baby and have fun with your baby.


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