Clothes You Need For A Newborn Baby

No one seems to know what clothes you need for a newborn baby.

When you’re expecting it seems that the whole world is buying you cute little baby outfits but are they what you need?

New mums love to shop for newborn baby clothes. Even if you don’t know whether you are having a baby boy or a baby girl it is so exciting to pop into mamas and papas, marks and spencers or mothercare and pick up a small pair of booties and a baby grow or two but what clothes do you need for a newborn?

I remember asking myself one day “Do I really need this many newborn baby clothes!” when I walked into my daughters nursery with another bag of pretty dresses and nowhere to hang them. She did eventually wear all the pretty dresses I had chosen but some were only worn once. As a newborn baby, she was much happier in her cotton bodysuits.

You can get really carried away with buying things you don’t need so here is a list of clothes you need for a newborn, things we think are essential. You will need more but this is a great start.


  • 7 x Sleep suits
  • 7 x bodysuit
  • 2 x pairs scratch mittens
  • 7 x pairs of socks
  • 4 x cardigans
  • 1 x sun/winter hat

You will often find that your baby has stayed in a sleep suit all day. That’s fine as these are easier to move around in and more importantly, easier to wash and change!

Don’t worry if this is the case, just keep the pretty dresses and trouser suits for when you go out!

Going Home Outfit

Going home clothes are a great idea, buy a couple of pretty dresses or trouser and shirt combo for when your little one is ready to come home from hospital. You may also find that a photographer is at the hospital so having something to hand for a first baby photograph is ideal!dress

  • 2 x pretty dresses
  • 2 x trouser and shirt combos
  • 2 x bodysuits (to wear as a vest)
  • Tights
  • Socks
  • Shoes/booties
  • 1 x coat/snowsuit

Buy a couple of sizes to big

If someone asks you what you would like as a gift don’t be afraid to ask for sleep suits and bodysuits because you will be changing those a couple of times a day.

We include cotton bodysuits and baby cardigans in a few of our gift boxes as we find these are essential clothing items that will always come in handy.

You can also ask members of your family to buy clothes for age 3-6mths or 6-12mths. Remember that your baby will grow really quickly in the first year and outgrow newborn baby clothes rapidly. If you do ask for some clothes in a larger size remember that it might be winter or summer when they reach that age.

So remember next time you are out shopping ask yourself “Do I really need this many newborn baby clothes!” the answer is probably NO but everything is so cute so you will say YES and carry on shopping….


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